At this stage we are not able to offer our full website in English but below is some general information about the cooperative.

Who are we?

Som Energia is Catalunya’s first renewable energy cooperative. The model is already well developed and functioning successfully in northern European countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. There, hundreds of thousands of home owners are members of non-profit cooperatives that provide them with affordable electricity generated by wind turbines, solar panels, biogas plants etc.

Such projects are too expensive for the majority of us to set up individually. What Som Energia offers is the opportunity for thousands of people who support the idea of powering their homes with locally-generated, clean, sustainable electricity the chance to come together to make the concept a reality.

How does it work?

As a non-profit cooperative Som Energia started selling green energy from existing sources in October 2011. It is energy bought from the market and sold to our members. Meanwhile, we are developing our own cost-effective renewable energy projects to produce energy for our members.

This allows them to use affordable eco-electricity in their homes – while playing a part in transforming Spain into a sustainable and environmentally-friendly place to live. No changes are required to how the electricity enters the home. Som Energia simply arranges for the administrative changes that are necessary to ensure the energy received is from a renewable source.

Why become a member of Som Energia?

1. Because everyone can participate and have access to renewable energy.
2. Because you can invest directly in renewable projects to develop a sustainable economy.
3. Because you are a co-owner and all members have an equal vote through a one-off returnable deposit of only 100€.
4. To achieve independence from the large energy companies.
5. To enjoy a better service, with clear information and personal treatment.
6. Because it is a business model designed to:

  • be without publicity costs
  • be without large management salaries
  • have modest and efficient offices
  • communicate and be managed via the web

7. To create a social movement supporting renewables and public participation.
8. Because these aren’t just words – with Som Energia you are taking steps to consume responsibly and make direct investments to generate good energy.

How can I participate?

  • The first step is to become a member (soci) of Som Energia: all this requires is for you to sign-up and make a €100 deposit (refundable should you decide to leave the cooperative). This can be done at HAZTE SOCIO/A.
  • Once a member, you are entitled to buy renewable energy generated from existing sources. This eco-electricity is offered at the same prices as ‘grey’ electricity (Tarifa Ultima Recurs). To switch to Som Energia please complete this form.
  • In the meantime we are developing our own projects. Some projects will develop quickly (like small PV projects). Others (like Wind Turbines) will take several years to develop.
  • Members have the opportunity to participate financially in these investment projects being developed. An expected 4% to 7% return will be paid on these investments.